What is the size of one of my beauty soap bar?

I create all different shapes so on a average my soap bars are between three to four ounces.


Why purchase handmade soap from Beauty Bubbles LC?

My products contain skin nourishing ingredients, and natural saponification that creates a bar full of natural oils and natural glycerin thus creating the perfect moisturize soap bar!


Why handcraft soap products are more expensive?

Beauty bubbles soaps are created with the best oils that are free of chemicals to ensure your skin cells are getting their appropriate nutrients and your skin tone is balanced.


What type of ingredients do i use to create my handcrafted soap products?

My handcrafted soap is made from a natural soap base combined with oils and butters. They also contains amazing fragrances (you can choose to not add a fragrance).


Do I create custom orders?

Yes i do, you name it i will deliver! I do weddings gifts, baby shower gifts, birthday gifts…etc!!


What's the shipping and processing time frames?

Processing times are 1 business day. All packages are sent out USPS Priority mail Next day!